Nanoform® X

  • Overview +

    The Nanoform®X is designed to increase productivity and ease of use in the diamond turning, milling, and grinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. The machine can be configured from 2 to 4 axis to produce spherical, aspherical and freeform surfaces of up to 440 mm diameter.

    • Fully-opening upper enclosure and lower work envelope allows easier access for setup and cleanup
    • Unique inner compartment design improves Swarf containment
    • Operator console enhancements lead to greater ease of use
    • Innovative suite of productivity tools reduces part and tool setup time
    • HS 150 spindleprovides for 5x improvement in thermal stability
    • Dual frame design with TMC MaxDamp® isolation reduces sensitivity to vibration
    • Industry leading surface finish less than 1 nm Ra

  • Key Specifications +

    Turning performance Surface roughness: 1 nm Ra
    Form accuracy: 0.1 micron P-V
    Programming resolution 0.01 nm linear
    0.0000001° rotary
    Load capacity 136 kg (300 lbs) @ 100 PSI
    Swing capacity Max swing 440 mm dia. with 100 mm riser block
    (250 mm dia. standard swing)
  • Application Notes +

    Color free molds for mobile phone camera lenses (also available in Chinese)
    Demonstrate the capability to diamond turn mobile phone and smart device camera lens molds with no diffractive color or tool marks and also minimize surface roughness

    High speed lens array for automotive headlamp mold

    Demonstrate high speed machining of a lens array on nickel plated steel.

    Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) with laser assisted machining
    Utilizing laser assisted machining, demonstrate improved surface finish and cosmetic appearance by reducing visual haze and pullouts on ZnS.

    Micromilling of crystalline material (CaF2)
    Demonstrate the surface finish and flatness results achievable on calcium fluoride using a Freeform® TL machine and a Levicron milling spindle.

    3 Axis (XYX) ruling using PEPS II-VX
    Demonstrate part cutting time, surface finish, and form accuracy achievable by 3 axis ruling on a Freeform® L equipped with PEPS II-VX, an active on machine vibration cancellation and precision leveling system.

    Surface finish and form accuracy results on a steep slope Al asphere
    To demonstrate the surface finish and form accuracy results achievable using the Nanoform® X with HS150 work holding spindle on a steep slope aluminum asphere.

    Infrared silicon diffractive machining
    Demonstrate the capability to manufacture an infrared silicon lens with 15 diffractive zones, meeting surface finish, form accuracy, and absolute radius specifications.

    Demonstrate the capability and present key metrology results and process data for a non-axisymmetric D-Pocket used as a registering feature in lens molds, for more accurate indexing.

    Automated form error correction
    Demonstrate automated form error correction of a parabolic component by means of on-machine measurement and analysis. Corrections were made by measuring the part using Precitech’s air bearing LVDT

    High speed germanium machining
    Demonstrate the capability to reduce part cutting time for Infrared (IR) Germanium lenses without sacrificing form accuracy or surface finish.

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